Hello everyone! I do not know if you realised but I have skipped TO#52. The past several weeks were culmination of my hard time. In the past year there were so many changes, deaths and sickness around me that I realised it all started to be to much for me. On top of that, we have a foster-kid that happens to know when to press all the right buttons. It was one of those days when you know that God is good and loves you but you just do not have the joy and strength to continue. I struggled so much that an idea of giving all my craft supplies came to my mind. 😀 I had no desire to create anything. And then, two days ago, after taking some free time from so many things I do daily, I took a moment before going to bed and wanted to see if I can make a card.

My assignment was to create a card inspired by these words:

‘A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water’ by Eleanor Roosevelt.

How fitting, wouldn’t you tell? I wanted to create something vintage looking, with soft colours and layers. Somehow this project gives hope that a creative and productive time is ahead.

IMG_5454 IMG_5451

Check out the work done by the rest of the team at Time Out Challenge blog. I know it will inspire you. While you are there visit the blog from our guest designer Elaine.
Well, I hope you enjoyed your time here and if you are in the midst of a struggle, I hope you found some joy and encouragement.


7 thoughts on “TIME OUT CHALLENGE #53

  1. I am so pleased that crafting gave you some time away from your struggles and your card is just wonderful. You have captured the vintage look you wanted. Hang onto those supplies as now even if you craft just now and then it will give you some time to forget your troubles. I hope things improve and thinking of you x

  2. Nonni says:

    So glad you felt like making this card and how wonderful also that this week’s challenge is so fitting for you! I hope easier times are ahead. I’m with Sandie -don’t give away your craft supplies! We love seeing your cards and surely there will come moments when you’ll feel creative and those moments will also give you some own time. Have a good rest of the week! xxx

  3. Oh Elizabeta I’m so thankful you found sound time to craft and that it relaxed you too! You card is amazing…so feminine and beautiful.

  4. What a touching and moving post. I am glad that you are able to take some personal inspiration from this week’s challenge. Your card is stunning.

  5. Lovely card. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Life does have it’s ups and downs. Cherish the memories of all your loved ones and gain strength from all your memories. Stay strong, like that tea bag. LOL.

  6. Lovely layering, Elizabeta … and wonderful detailing … so elegant and pretty! I do hope life begins to pick up for you … yes, God is good … and is always with us, through good times and bad. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Anita 🙂

  7. Jill Vickers says:

    Very happy that you found some time to craft – hopefully the escape is helping you though this tough time. Your card is so pretty – I just love all the layers! Jill

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