Hello, hello! It is time for Challenge #62. Yes, we have a great inspirational photo for this week. Look at this beauty!


I love how white and bright the room is, but I decided to use chandeliers as my inspiration. I love old fashioned things. For this card I did something a bit different. Instead of using stamps, I decided to draw something on my own. So, one day while I was listening to a sermon this drawing came to existence. To be completely honest, I am not quite sure about this card, but since I enjoyed making it I decided to post it anyway.

IMG_5928Well, I hope you enjoyed your stay. Make sure to visit Time Out Challenge Blog to see what the rest of the team created, and check out what our GD Stephanie has done. Kisses from Croatia!


6 thoughts on “TIME OUT CHALLENGE #62

  1. wow Elizabeta…you drew this! It is stunning. I agree with Jill, you should be designing stamps this is far better than the stamps we all buy. Your creativity is outstanding, you should be an artist and this should be on the wall….I don’t know why you say you are not sure of this card, can’t you tell I am swooning!!

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