On A Sick Leave

Hello, dear friends! It was a long time ago, I know. But, let me just tell you that I have a good reason for it. Unfortunately, for some time I will not be able to enjoy all the fun of card-making. I have sever case of tendonitis on my both hands. Not fun at all. I am not able to hold scissors or do anything that demands a grip or any kind of pressor. It is hard and I know it is still not over. To make things a bit more happier, I decided to share several photos with you. I realised it is easier to live with tendonitis if you just walk around. 🙂 Probably the only time of the day that I am not using my hands. 🙂 So, feel the spring that is slowly coming in my town.

At the end, let me share a Challenge with you. Time Out is celebrating a very 1st birthday. The Challenge is fun, and the prizes are sweet, so there is no reason for you not to join in. 😉 And have you seen all the beautiful projects? I can’t wait to see your creations.

On A Sick Leave

7 thoughts on “On A Sick Leave

  1. Hi Elizabeth,I did miss you,but I also have been very ill,your photos are stunning,and bring sunshine to my heart.
    Thank you for sharing this,and Rember baby steps which at times is impossible.

  2. marcelle baldwin says:

    O I am sorry you have this condition, I will pray for a speedy recovery!! Lovely pictures! God bless you!

  3. The photos you took could be made here; Spring is coming here aswell! I send you some positive energy to help you to keep finding the peace and power you need to help you through this all… Hugs, Gerrina

  4. Hope you get some help soon, must be so painful and frustrating!!! Beautiful pictures, Spring is so exciting to see the new growth from all the dead looking plants. Warm weather will be on its way soon!!

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