Crafting in the forest – Northern Velebit

Greetings, dear friends! Today I decided to share some photos of the Northern Velebit where we spent several days (at the beginning of this year). I never went there before, but the beauty of the nature just made me speechless. If you are one of those people who love to hike, Velebit is the place for you. If you just love to spend some time in the nature, and return home before dark, Velebit is also a place for you. This is also a National park and that means inside of the borders of the Park one can’t camp.
This trip does take some more time for preparation. If you decide to visit Velebit, you should take into consideration the weather, the roads and the peaks you want to visit, your group (everyone’s physical condition), and reservations one needs to make if you decide to sleep in one of those big houses.
IMG_1352IMG_1383If you are not very experienced it would be good to find a guide and organize a professional who will take care of your safety and organize a part of your trip. We had two survival instructors with us and that was the only reason I decided to go on this adventure. The weather over there is really rough and tricky. We arrived there during the night and we had to walk for several hours during the blizzard. It was a real adventure and without skilled guides it could have ended really bad. The rest of the days we had some nice weather and had the privilege to see some amazing places.
IMG_3285There is also a famous weather station on one of the peaks. It was fun to finally see all that since we heard about it so often when we were little (during every weather-forecast our parents watched).
IMG_3221IMG_3293And we even had the privilege to meet the man behind the scene – famous Ante (who for years now has been working there and has the best mix of herbs for tea I ever tasted).
IMG_3302Well, I hope you enjoyed your stay, and that one day maybe you will visit. šŸ˜‰

Crafting in the forest – Northern Velebit

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