Moxie Fab World: Throwdown Challenge

Hello everyone! If, by any chance you were wondering where I am, now you will have the chance to see.
After we recovered (but not completely) from a cold, we really had to paint two rooms in the little house that we rent. The mold was killing me. This year we have just way too  much humidity in the air. Anyway, that work almost killed me. I worked for the first time with a paint pistol, and it was really fun (but really hard and my fingers and arms still hurt). Because of that I demolished (again) my craft corner. And, because of that I believe I am in the middle of PTSD having a sever creative crisis. So, here it is. My work space in the middle of a paint job.
IMG_4221The very first thought I have when I look at this photo is: “Where’s Wally?”
And ever since we finished with the painting, it still does not look much different. I need to take a pill and have some good (and by no means expensive) idea regarding how will I make, once again, my corner beautiful.
And yes, I actually linked THIS onto a Moxie Fab World: Throwdown Challenge. 🙂

Moxie Fab World: Throwdown Challenge

2 thoughts on “Moxie Fab World: Throwdown Challenge

  1. Oeps; that looks like there is no way to create at the moment! First enjoy the fact that you have the change of changing every detail that annoyed you before and make it perfect to work in…I think the creativity will be back by then… Succes! Hugs, Gerrina

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