Crafting in the garden

Hello! Today I decided to share several photos from my garden. I love that place so much! Once I said to my hubby that I could be there the whole day working, or sitting there looking at the plants growing. At first it was a lot of work, and not much to see.
IMG_1882 1And then it became a jungle!!!
IMG_1949I am so thankful to God that we have this little piece of heaven on earth. There is something so sweet when you have your own beans, zucchinis, greens or for example tomatoes.
IMG_1958 IMG_1956 IMG_1957

IMG_3924Btw., this year we had so much rain that my tomatoes are just nut getting enough sun. So, I searched the net to see what can I doo with green tomatoes. And there is one thing that we can’t stop eating these days. Baked green tomatoes with cheese. It looks like lasagna and tastes like there is meat in there. It is just delicious.
IMG_3929Well, I hope you enjoyed your stay today and that, if you already do not have a little garden, you will start thinking about it. 😉

Crafting in the garden

One thought on “Crafting in the garden

  1. Thank you for sharing a little peace of your world. Looks lovely there in Croatia. Wow, what a wonderful crop of vegetables. I have never tried green tomatoes, but that dish looks yummy. I just found you from CAS this Sketch site. Have a wonderful day.

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