Just because…

… I wanted to craft a bit. During the last week I made several sketches for some cards, and had no time to actually finalize the cards (but I did enjoy some great time with my sisters). So I decided to do that today, just to relax a bit and have some fun.
IMG_3810This one is inspired by this card. I just loved it and decided to try and make something similar.
IMG_3807This one caught my eye with it’s simplicity, so I played to create something like that.
IMG_3818 IMG_3816And this one is inspired by CASE Study Challenge. Love those layers. 🙂
Well, I hope you had fun too visiting my blog today. Thank you for stopping by!

Just because…

4 thoughts on “Just because…

  1. Andreja V. (Cvetoči travnik) says:

    Še ena Andreja se oglaša in soglašam z mojo predhodnico; tudi meni so vse tri zelo lepe, za sebe pa bi si izbrala vijolice. Še en pozdravček iz Slovenije:))
    Andreja V.l

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