Making a Mini Photo Album

Greetings, my friends! Today I have a bit different post. Last week I made this Mini Photo album and decided to give a short and simple tutorial on how I did it. Just to give you several ideas on how you can do something similar, or if you ever get one like this for a present, it might be a good inspiration on how to finish your piece. Often people would ask me to create something like this, and I would need to create a photo album that is not completely finished since they would insert the photos by themselves. So, let us start.

First I would cut the bases.
IMG_2762Then I would glue the pages together to create a double sided pages for the album. Since I love to add stitches, I would sew some of the pages together.
IMG_2765After that I made holes where the album will be binded together.
IMG_2768And for this one, I used this sweet yellow cord.
IMG_2808In the meantime I would gather a bunch of different embellishments that would fit this project.
IMG_2772And then I would make some more using Spellbinders Dies.
IMG_2811And now, let me just share with you a couple of ideas how you can place these embellishments around and on top of the photos.
You can play with tags and shapes. Tags are here for you to write some text on them. And the photos do not always need to be same shape or size.
IMG_2817It is fun to place embellishments on top of the photos and place them so that they would stick out a bit from the album itself.
IMG_2819Create layers and use the foam adhesive that I always pack to achieve a 3D effect. Also, use your imagination when it comes to different buttons and cords that are also included. 😉
IMG_2826IMG_2840IMG_2842 IMG_2849Use the letters and the numbers to communicate important dates or years. Enjoy us much as you can. 😉
IMG_2834 IMG_2853At the end I would pack everything in a box leaving you the final decision on how you will decorate the top of the box. This is just one of many possibilities.
IMG_2868To see some more ideas you can visit this link or this one. Well, I hope this tickles. 🙂 Thank you for your support.

Making a Mini Photo Album

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