Explore Beyond – My Sweet Curtain

Today I can finally share a project I wanted to make for some time now. We moved a lot during our 11 years of marriage and I realized that because of that I never had proper curtains. Just when I would feel comfy and at home at the certain place, we would move. Well, I believe it is time to make curtains in our little house. Since my hubby really likes forest, and I love french cottage style, I am slowly making our house look like a log cabin (with a dash of french cottage style, off course), and this project goes a bit in that direction also.
We have a small but long window on our front door, and I decided to make a paper curtain for it. So, I printed some Bible verses…
IMG_2671 … did some die cutting…
IMG_2678…inking and sewing. And at the end I got this 8 pieces long, double sided paper curtain with a message. Here are some photos of it.
IMG_2696 IMG_2699IMG_2702Well, I hope you like the idea although, I could not take a proper picture of the entire project on the front door since we had a really bad weather outside the whole day. Still, it may be an inspiration for you to try something similar with Spellbinders Dies. And I promise, as soon as we will have some sun, I will post the whole project on our front door.
*The project is published at the Spellbinders Explore Beyond Blog.*

Explore Beyond – My Sweet Curtain

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