My drawings in action

Yesterday I had a great time in Mursko Sredisce. I was invited to have another workshop with the local ladies. It was great as always. They are super nice and fun, and I am thankful I had the opportunity to share with them something about me, about my Savior and about the meaning of Christmas. Today I have a bit different post for you. It is about my new drawings at the Squigglefly store and some old stamps that I saw on different projects.
So, I decided to share a couple of cards I saw browsing through the blogs and galleries. These two cards are made by Sanketi. I was quite surprised to see this lovely use of an old stamp I have designed a while ago for The Craft’s Meow.
DSC_6806 copy

DSC_6838The idea and the colors are just beautiful.

Last year Gayatri Murali made this card using one of my drawings, and one equally beautiful card she made was recently published in Australian Cardmaking Stampin and Papercraft Magazine.
IMG_1199I just love here use of the stamp. All that reminded me of a card I made a while ago for Do!ts magazine using a drawing you can purchase at the Squigglefly store.
img_5216Well, I hope this tickles. 😉 Thank you for stopping by and have a great Sunday.

My drawings in action

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