Explore Beyond – Christmas Decorations

These days I was working on my project for the Explore Beyond blog. I was totally in the  mood for some cutting. Thinking about some good Christmas gifts I realized it would be nice to give a set of Christmas Tree decorations in a matching box.
IMG_0785 IMG_0824I used just one type of paper, some ribbon, cord and these lovely jingle bells.
IMG_0825But, I also used a gazillion dies. Somehow I just love to stack them up.
IMG_0738 IMG_0762IMG_0774If you like to spice the things up a bit, you can add some patterned paper, or some matching stamps that go well with Spellbinders dies. Also, instead of stamps or a final die cut in the middle of each decoration, one can place a photo.
Well, I hope you had a good time here and that my project motivated you for some die cutting. Thank you for stopping by today! Hugs and kisses from Croatia!
List of dies I have used: S5-196, S5-056, S4-353, S4-293, S4-124, S5-169, S5-057 (Holly Motifs).

Explore Beyond – Christmas Decorations

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