It was a fun adventure

Hello, hello dear friends! I was away for some time. Many things happened in the past two months and it was not always easy and fun. But, there was one thing that was very nice. I made it throght the first two rounds at the Spellbinders Contest. That was a great experience and a fun adventure for me. And then the last round came and I was asked to make a layout page. That was fun too, but not very promesing. Layout pages are a completly unknown here and this was the second one I ever made. And, quite probably the very last I will ever make. 🙂 Anyway, I wanted to congratulate to all the ladies that were involved in the contest and a very special and big contratulations to all those ladies that made it to the team. So, today I decided to share the first project I have made for this contest.
KushnerElizabetaFirstRoundSince I did not pass the last round, this beauty will stay on our wall. 😉 Well, I hope you like the clock.

It was a fun adventure

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