A Rescue Mission

Well, if you were wondering where am I these days, or where is the project you ordered, let me finally give you an answer. For the past several days I was crafting in a different way.
IMG_7375A month ago I was cutting some fabric with my favorite Spellbinders Edgeabilitie Die and my Grand Calibur made an interesting sound. Running the plates through the machine I already made my peace with the fact that my favorite Edgeabilitie Die just broke. To my surprise the die did not broke. But, the machine did. Somehow I managed to brake several parts.
IMG_7389I was pretty sad since I got the machine several months ago. I had no other options than to ask the Spellbinders Team for some help. I did not expect anything since I live in a small tiny country far away from the USA, and not many people have this machine here. But, they were really amazing. We exchanged some emails, I have sent the pictures of the broken parts, and they sent me the new parts. They really stand behind the quality of their products. The support they gave me was just amazing. My hubby helped to set the machine apart. It was not very complicated. I am not very talented for these things, but I have managed to replace the broken parts by myself and I assembled the machine again.
IMG_7373I took the screws out, ant placed them in a tiny zip bags. The easy part to replace was this black piece of plastic. But, I had some trouble with these two tiny metal rings.
IMG_7377 IMG_7379After everything was replaced, it was time to assemble the machine again. I worked slowly and every now and then checked if the mechanism is working properly.
IMG_7381At the end I put all the screws back in: on the bottom, and on the both sides. I was really excited and was wondering if the machine will ever work again.
IMG_7386It is hard to explain the feeling of joy I had when I realized that it actually works. So, if you want see some more projects I have made with my Grand Calibur, stop by tomorrow. šŸ˜‰

A Rescue Mission

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