About the New Year

Hello there! I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve. I was crafting again, but this time it was all about bushcrafting. My hubby and me, together with our friends, went for a night in the woods. It was freezing, so after one night we decided to climb down from the hills and spend the New Year’s Eve at our place.
IMG_6158We were surrounded with snow and this is how our bed looked like. It smelled so good.
IMG_6151My crafty hubby made me these two spoons. 🙂
IMG_6168We really enjoyed these days spending time with our family and friends. And now, I am very eager to go back to work and to our daily routine. There are some new things for us in this year, and one of them is my new job. In March I will probably start working in a company in our capital city. God is for sure working on my love towards that city (I am not very fond of big cities). It will be hard to leave my old job and all the people that grew to my heart during last 9 years.
At the end of this post I am sharing one of my home decor projects that was not accepted for publication in The Paper Crafts Magazine. Those styrofoam hearts are, for example, used as a decoration in a big glass. I painted them with acrylic paint, added some butterflies and flowers (TCM stamps), buttons and trim. Well, I hope you will have a blessed New Year and that it will be filled with love and joy.


About the New Year

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