Thin Pancakes Anyone?

My hubby wanted some thin pancakes (crepe) today. As usual, I was planing to make 10, since they are only for him. Somehow it always ends up to be more than just 10. It will take us a week to eat them. 🙂 And, yes, they are gluten free. 🙂

Thin Pancakes Anyone?

2 thoughts on “Thin Pancakes Anyone?

    1. Well, it is quite simple but the flour always surprises me. Right when I think that it is not enough, I should stop. With gluten free rice flour I should always put some in the bowl with the rest of the stuff and than wait a couple of minutes for it to react. Basically, I put the 4 eggs and some sugar first (mix it), than just a bit of salt and added the milk. If you want a lot of pancakes, put a lot of milk. And then add the flour. But, if you are using gluten free rice flour do it slowly and wait a couple of minutes before you add some more flour. 🙂

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