Thankful for your support

Today I decided not to share my card. Rather, I will share some informations and photos of cards other people made. I wanted to thank you all for your support. Thank you for all the purchases these days that allowed us in the Traveler organization to buy some gifts for the kids in a nearby kids home. A big thanks goes also to ‘Euroliber’ publishing house. They donated a big amount of their lovely calendars so we were able to give some gifts to the staff too. Me and a couple of my friends had a great time this last Sunday when we visited the kids and spent some time with them. We enjoyed a Christmas play, some pizza and I had a workshop. There are no pictures from the visit since it is not allowed to take photos there. I also had a workshop on Saturday and enjoyed it a lot.
Today I wanted to share two cards with you. These ladies bought some of my Illustrations in my Etsy shop and later they sent me some photos of the projects they made. It is great to see how other people enjoy these Illustrations. Thank you ladies for sharing these photos with us.

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You can get involved and help our work purchasing cards from this album or from my Woohoo store, purchasing some of my stamps designs, or Illustrations from my Etsy Shop or Squiggle Fly.

Thankful for your support

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