A simple masculine card

Today, while I am patiently waiting for some happy email from The Paper Craft’s Team, I will share a card that did not make it in one of their Submission calls. I used my TCM set (Ladies and Gents) and I have created the sentiment. It is simple and quite masculine. Somehow I like it (and, believe it or not, I do not like all the cards I have made).
IMG_5613 Speaking of masculine cards… Have you read those articles in new Do!ts about masculine side of Christmas and the advices about gift shopping for your ladies? Those articles are so funny. I was reading it in the train and laughed so much that people started to look at me funny.

Oh, and let me also remind you about the news I had yesterday.

“Now, as for my news… The Traveler organization (that I support with my crafting) is gathering money to buy some gifts for the kids in a nearby children’s home. Now, for the next two weeks all the sales from the stamps, Illustrations (eather from Etsy or Squiggle Fly) and my cards will be used for that purpose. So, please, spread the word and get involved if you can. We will also have a workshop there in the weeks to come, so pray that everything will be great.”

Thank you for stopping by today!

A simple masculine card

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