TCM Blog Hop

Hello people! Today is a big day for me. This is my last Blog Hop for The Craft’s Meow. It was such a great privilege for me to be a part of TCM team. Thank you all for a great time, all you ladies from the team and all of you who joined in the fun. Thank you once again for all the lovely comments and your support. You can still buy the stamps I have made for TCM and that way support the work of The Traveler organization. Today, I have the opportunity to show my new stamp set called ‘Hearth and Home’ and the card I have made for the Blog Hop.
The inspiration for the card I have found in these three challenges: Crafty Friends, Stampn’ Sisters in Christ and Ribbon Reel Challenge.
Now, I would recommend that you visit TCM blog for more informations about our guest designer, all the new stamps you can buy, and the prizes you can win. Your previous stop was Amy Wanford, and your next stop should be Gayatri Murali.
Thank you for stopping by today. Sending you hugs and kisses from Croatia!

TCM Blog Hop

41 thoughts on “TCM Blog Hop

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    Beautiful card, love the neutrals and the trim choices. I hope you will continue to design new stamps for TCM!

  2. Caroline Thornton says:

    Your designs are a true inspiration. Sorry to see you leave TCM but I’ll keep following you as long as you let me. Take care!

  3. Hvala za obisk :-))
    Sem si ogledala tvoj krasen blog in tvoje čudovito ustvarjanje!!!
    “Kapo dol” za veliko ustvarjalko!
    Tale čestitka s kaminom mi je ta tako zelo zelo všeč!

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